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Australia Submissions

1. How does one submit?

Submissions should be directly addressed to our email, Please include a title to the editorial, as well as complete styling/team credits in the email. We may review images via either direct attachment, or as a drop-box link.

2. Any set deadlines?

Yes. For PRINT Submissions, deadline is strictly the 10th of the previous month the magazine is released (e.g. September 10th for the October Issue). We are a biannual magazine, with 2 PRINT releases in a year. For COOL ONLINE Submissions, review of work is ongoing. 

3. Do we accept non-exclusive/previously published work?

No. We only accept exclusive editorial work. Please do not submit work that has been already published, or reviewed by other magazines. We will not accept such work. However, on the rare occasion we love your work, perhaps we may feature it under our COOL FOLIO or ONLINE segments.

4. Are there specific, submission requirements expected from us?

Absolutely. Editorial Submissions require to be a minimum of 4 different looks, and a maximum of 15 images in total. We will only publish a maximum of 2 images per look in our PRINT issue. We welcome both fashion and beauty submissions. Also, please only submit/upload final, HIGH RES images. Files must be in jpeg only. We shall not review any work of alternative quality.

5. Creative Constraints? Nudity? Fur?

As open-minded as we are, we strictly do not permit nudity, implied nudity or fur. Otherwise, please enlighten us with work of art.

6. When, and how quick do we respond?

Should the editorial be accepted, we shall notify you within 7 working days. Upon publication, tear sheets will be provided within 7 working days from date of release as well.

7. Can I seize a cover story?

Cover submissions are exclusively selected by the COOL creative team. If your work has been accepted by us, it is automatically reviewed for a potential cover story.

8. Free print copies?

Unfortunately, free print copies are not provided.  You will however receive full tear sheets from us, in honor of your remarkable contribution to us. Any print orders are made via

9. What is a COOL editorial?

We are very open-minded conceptually, so please, do not hesitate to charm us with your unique creativity. COOL Australia prides on exceptional creative direction, and we encourage fashion editorials that manifest this. We are bold, edgy and highly futuristic, and in fact - we LOVE the weird. Good luck.